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About type of task

There are the below kind of task in TodoSpec.

Type Description
No deadlineNo set time and deadline
Suitable for long-term plans and no deadline task.You can't set time.
Todo This kind of task have deadline.   
It's todo generaly. Suitable for the preparation and planning work. You must set end-time.
Schedule This kind of task is schedule.
It's schedule. Suitable for appointments and meetings.You must begin-time and end-time. - When the end time is not specified, it becomes end time automatically one hour later.And the repetition of time is checked.



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TodoSpec makes a Todo-list from a task, Todo, a schedule, and it manage the plan effectively. It improves efficiency of the work and supports work optimization and skill up. It isn't necessary to internet connection - no online. Anyone download this software free and can use it - freeware.