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FAQ about the function

Introdution of FAQ about the function


What's it possible?
Read a Use scene in detail.
What is Todo ?
In TodoSpec, a time-limited task is general Todo.
There is it "Schedule" and "Todo" in kind of task,what is each difference?
"Todo" is a time-limited task,"Schedule" is a time task.
Is it free of charge ?
It's free of charge for person and company. The payment isn't necessary on use at all. However, donations are recruiting always.
Is there the support?
The support is only the web article support now.
We accept the inquiry by the email, but response is a web article basically.
Is there guarantee?
This software is developed as work safely. However, please understand it because it isn't a thing to completely guarantee work.
Is the internet environment necessary for software-operating?
The network environment isn't basically necessary for operating of TodoSpec.
# The network environment is necessary for online help, the version up.


Introduction of before use.

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Todo list software

TodoSpec makes a Todo-list from a task, Todo, a schedule, and it manage the plan effectively. It improves efficiency of the work and supports work optimization and skill up. It isn't necessary to internet connection - no online. Anyone download this software free and can use it - freeware.