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Merit of the function

Introduction of Merit of the function.

Summarize tasks in categoryies

It can make customize todo-list for oneself by summarizing the task in a categories.

The extension of a deadline is possible

It can easily change a time limit of registered Todo.

Distinguish an expired task

The expired plan is displayed by "expired task " in the tree menu, and a displayed color becomes red.

You can search the task

You can search the task from various conditions. It is convenient to look for information from a past plan.

You can manage even the project unit

When You want to divide a task in a range bigger than a tab function because You can save the list of plans as a file of the simple file,and save it as the other file.

You can set status of task

You can manage the progress of todo by setting status. In addition, progressing todo is hidden by making status "complete".

You can edit it with task list directly

It's possible for task management speedily by editing contents directly in task list.

Schedule and simultaneous management of Todo are possible

You can prevent the leak of confirmation by managing schedule and simultaneous management of Todo are possible.

Manage no-time-limit task

Not to mention todo that there is a time limit , you can manage no-time-limit task.

Use scene

Introduction of use scene.

Merit of the tool

Introduction of the tool.

Merit of the function

Introduction of the function.

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