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Question before the use

It's question and answer that assumed before the use.

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* Career Consultant
Q.I make the preparation and it is poor to make a task, but can overcome it?
A.TodoSpec does support that makes up the thinking ability to unite a smooth plan.
Todo everyday consciousness and time management is very important for planning practical arrangements and schedule. TodoSpec support it.
* The ace manager of the company which anyone knows
Q.I manage Todo more than 100 in a week and grasp those details precisely. I manage it only with a head without using the tool in particular, but is there the merit to use this tool now? I can manage even more than twice task that managed now.
A.Not required. If you manage all Todo with your brain without exception and you don't forget it in particular and can remember it precisely, it isn't necessary to use this tool. However, you make composure and you can have new challenge by entrusting task-management to the system.

* A useless useless manager
Q.I frequently forget the task, and feel cold the attitude from the subordinate recently. How should I do?
A.TodoSpec will be activity. There is the structure that managing a schedule rationally in TodoSpec. You may only input a task,and you may be born from a useless useless manager to a normal manager suddenly.
* A company executive
Q.I disgraced myself only a few days ago , because there was a leak in the materials presented answers to the investors. When thinking now, I regret that the contents should have been managed by a little smaller unit.Do you think that this problem can be solved with TodoSpec?
A.Yes, I seem to be possibility.It is made fine too much, the contents increase, and management doesn't become difficult fundamentally.We think making detail schedule which supports target achievement strongly.

* The president of small-sized business
Q.There are almost a lot of schedules!and the task and Todo are left to the subordinate. However, It come to light subordinate's various time limit breaking recently, and I want to begin managing the employee's schedule for myself.
However, I have not done such a thing up to now. How should I do?
A.It is not necessary to employ an shrewd manager. This problem may solve TodoSpec. The president can make efforts in improving the motivation of the employee.

* All tasks are maneged by notebook
Q.I don't accustom to put the schedule in PC. Isn't it troublesome, and good in the notebook?
A. We think that there is a limit for the management with the A. notebook. For example, if there is a schedule change appointments is have some changes modify is serious.It offers up list specifies the time and conditions in one's not or think.TodoSpec can be used as a complementary position in the terms or, rather than because of course, for one's full time only, not to what should the lost error, and the smooth to handle.
* A university student
Q.I missed the time limit of an important report.If there is TodoSpec, I thought a problem disappeared, is it so?
A.I think that's different. A schedule remains in a little state very much, and TodoSpec can't show the effect. Is it because of not doing a report in advance?
* A shop manager
Q.I wrote that I do it in the notebook so far, but want to manage it with a PC. But it do that the information of our shop is registered with the Internet....what would if it is hacked ...?
A.TodoSpec save data on a PC entirely without registering information on the Internet.So you are safe for security if you make an anti-general anti-virus measure and spyware measure.

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