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Question before the use(2)

It's question and answer that assumed before the use.

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* A free paper editor
Q.I noticed that a time-limit-adjustment had more time than an editing task. I want to pour time for main task more.
A.TodoSpec can manage the todo and schedule , and the change in the time limit is also easy concurrently. The management of the time system might leave to the tool, and become help to concentrate on the work of the edit.
* Consulting company beginner
Q.I am asked about a task and the time limit every day and it is angry at the boss well.Actually I am indifferent to it.but there is forgetting mistakes sometimes.
How am I able not to make the superior angry?
A.First of all, please use TodoSpec once. TodoSpec processes the prevention of the forgetting mistake as much as possible, and the usual arrangement by the brain more efficiently.

* IT industry work
Q.Colleagues can work fine, honest, and quite impatient.I want a chance to make a recovery somehow.
A.How about the use of TodoSpec for the time being?Because the load is lost in the viewpoint of management of the schedule, it is possible to be likely to concentrate on other work.
* The person who really gets tired of work like duties
Q.It is necessary to be done every day every day by when ,... I think it is stifling because of the repetition. I want to do the work that can be enjoyed more.
A.We do not think that you should straighten work to have to do to the head. Besides, when Todo parts from the head, room that spends the idea and the interest can be done. Please try once by all means.
* Manufacturer work businessman
Q.It decides it in every case especially, should I do like Todo though it is trivial feeling?The superior also overlooks it.
A.If you are satisfied with it, it is to it. However, is it good at it? The rival may have passed you long ago. If , I still think whether it is unnecessary. However, I think whether it is also good to use at once.
* Image production company editor
Q.Does a delivered time limit come to be defended by introducing TodoSpec into the entire staff?
A.TodoSpec is software that does easily, and supports the Todo management to the end. Therefore, it is punctual depends on the person in question who uses it. However, it is strongly supported to defend the time limit by preventing a careless forgetting, and considering Todo further more.

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